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Rug Services in Whitsett, NC

Did you know cleaning and repairing your rugs are no longer daunting tasks? Because you no longer have to do it yourself and can simply leave it to professionals! As a premier rug company, we take pride in transforming your living spaces into refined sanctuaries. With our commitment to quality and a legacy in craftsmanship, Abu Rug stands as the top-notch rug service provider. We offer a spectrum of services that include cleaning, repair, and stain removal. Let’s step into a world of excellence and entrust your rugs to a team that understands the true value of these timeless pieces. 

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Rug Cleaning repair and Stain Removal in Whitsett, NC

Abu Rug’s Rug Cleaning in Whitsett, NC

Whether you have an old family rug or a newer design, our skilled team customizes their cleaning techniques for each rug’s unique needs. So, all your rug’s needs will be met. Abu Rug also uses eco-friendly and cutting-edge cleaning solutions that can lead to removing dirt and keeping the environment safe. You can always count on Abu Rug to give your carpets a fresh and clean look.

Rug Cleaning repair and Stain Removal in Stokesdale, NC

Abu Rug’s Rug Repair in Whitsett, NC

If your rug has loose threads, holes, or frayed edges, we’ve got you covered! Our expert team knows how to repair every rug damage and give it a new lease on life. From small repairs to more extensive ones, we tailor our approach to meet your rug’s specific needs. All rugs have their own story, so let us help you preserve your rug’s story by bringing it back to its original glory. 

Abu Rug’s Rug Stain Removal in Whitsett, NC

Say goodbye to stubborn stains with Abu Rug’s stain removal services in Whitsett, NC. Whether it’s a spill, spot, or mark on your rug, we’ve got the expertise to make it disappear. Our skilled team uses gentle yet effective methods to tackle a variety of stains, ensuring your rug looks as good as new. We know accidents happen, and we’re here to help you restore the pristine beauty of your rugs. 

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Dirty and damaged rugs are not major problems anymore! Abu Rug invites you to experience the transformative touch we bring to your rugs in Whitsett, NC. Entrust us with the care of your cherished floor coverings and witness the revival of their original beauty. 


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Rug Cleaning

Restore your rugs’ beauty and freshness with our professional cleaning services. We collect, clean, repair, and return your rugs in splendor.

Rug Repair

Fix your rugs’ damages and defects with our professional repair services. We collect, restore, protect, and return your rugs in perfection.

Stain Removal

Remove your rugs’ stains and spots with our professional stain removal services. We collect, treat, sanitize, and return your rugs in cleanliness.

Rug Padding

not only protects your rugs and floors, but also enhances the comfort and appearance of your home. Try it today and feel the difference

Rug Appraisal

discover the true value and story of your rug. Whether for insurance, resale, or curiosity, we can help you with our expert service.

Rug Storage

keep your rugs safe and clean when not in use. We offer climate-controlled, pest-free, and secure storage facilities for your rugs.

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