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Rug Cleaning Services in High Point, NC

From meticulous cleaning to expert repairs and targeted stain removal, Abu Rug is your best bet to preserve the beauty and longevity of your valuable rugs. As artisans of rug care, we take pride in our craft and employ time-tested techniques combined with cutting-edge technology to deliver results that exceed expectations.


At Abu Rug, every knot and weave is handled with the utmost care and attention. So, let’s discover how our passion for preserving the legacy of your rugs transforms each service into an experience of artistry and restoration. Abu Rug is not just a service; it’s a commitment to elevating your space, one rug at a time.

Abu Rug’s Rug Cleaning in High Point, NC

Rug Cleaning , Repair and Stain Removal in High Point, NC

Rug Cleaning in High Point, NC

Our rug cleaning services in High Point, NC, are a testament to our dedication to excellence. Using advanced cleaning methods and environmentally friendly solutions, we properly rejuvenate your rugs, leaving them fresh, vibrant, and free from allergens. Also, our careful drying process ensures that your rug is returned to you in optimal condition, free from dampness, and ready to reclaim its place as a focal point of your home.

Rug Cleaning , Repair and Stain Removal in High Point, NC

Abu Rug’s Rug Repair in High Point, NC

Rugs, exquisite in their design and craftsmanship, may show signs of wear and tear over time, unraveling the threads of their beauty. Our rug experts at Abu Rug offer meticulous rug repair services in High Point, NC, to breathe new life into your cherished floor coverings. So, why wait? Elevate your living space with the artistry of Abu Rug’s rug cleaning services in High Point, NC.

Abu Rug’s Rug Stain Removal in High Point, NC

Stains on your prized rugs can be distressing, diminishing the visual allure and overall charm of your living space. Abu Rug brings forth a specialized service in High Point, NC, dedicated to the artful removal of stains. Our meticulous approach and advanced techniques ensure that your rugs not only regain their pristine appearance but also maintain their integrity.

Different stains demand different treatments. We employ specialized techniques, from gentle spot cleaning to targeted enzymatic treatments, tailored to address specific stains such as wine, pet accidents, or food spills.

Trust Abu Rug to erase the marks of time and daily life, restoring the elegance of your rugs with precision and care. Please feel free to contact us today and let our professionals in High Point, NC, help you restore your rug to its original beauty. 

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Rug Cleaning

Restore your rugs’ beauty and freshness with our professional cleaning services. We collect, clean, repair, and return your rugs in splendor.

Rug Repair

Fix your rugs’ damages and defects with our professional repair services. We collect, restore, protect, and return your rugs in perfection.

Stain Removal

Remove your rugs’ stains and spots with our professional stain removal services. We collect, treat, sanitize, and return your rugs in cleanliness.

Rug Padding

not only protects your rugs and floors, but also enhances the comfort and appearance of your home. Try it today and feel the difference

Rug Appraisal

discover the true value and story of your rug. Whether for insurance, resale, or curiosity, we can help you with our expert service.

Rug Storage

keep your rugs safe and clean when not in use. We offer climate-controlled, pest-free, and secure storage facilities for your rugs.

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