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Are you a proud pet parent who adores their furry companions but struggles with the unsightly stains they leave behind on your beautiful rugs? We understand your frustration and have the perfect solution for you! Welcome to Abu Rugs, where we specialize in restoring the pure beauty of your rugs with our exceptional pet stain removal service. Say goodbye to those stubborn pet stains, and hello to a fresh, clean home!


Abu Rug provides tailored stain removal methods for rugs of different textures, materials, and patterns, taking into account their unique requirements. We ensure that each rug receives the appropriate care it deserves through our specialized services, which include:


  •   Antique rug stain removal service 
  •   Jute rug stain removal cleaning service 
  •   Oriental stain removal rug service 
  •   Persian rug stain removal service
  •   Shag rug stain removal service
  •   Turkish rug stain removal service
  •   Silk rug service 
  •   Viscose rug stain removal service 
  •   Wool rug stain removal service

How We Remove Pet Stains From Your Rug?

At Abu Rugs, we offer a specialized service for new or old pet urine stains that ensures no residue is left on your rug and effectively eliminates odors. Our experienced team is skilled in handling challenging pet stains, even those that have been present for a long time. We begin by identifying the stain and its cause, such as urine. Then, we use a customized eco-friendly cleaning solution and the latest methods designed to treat the specific type of stain and neutralize any lingering odors.