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Rugs play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics and comfort of any space. However, as our needs and preferences change, we may find ourselves with a rug that no longer fits our desired area or layout. That’s where our professional rug resizing service comes in. At Abu Rugs, we understand the importance of having a perfectly sized rug that complements your space. Here, we will explore the benefits of our expert rug resizing service and how it can transform your home or office.


For over forty years, our team of Rug Repair specialists has been proficient in performing rug resizing services to customize the shapes of area rugs based on your preferences. When you opt for our services, we will visit your place to evaluate the quality, condition, and size of your rug. Following our assessment, we will provide a cost estimate for resizing your rug. Whether you possess a Persian, Afghan, silk, wool, oriental, or area rug, we possess the necessary expertise and cutting-edge equipment to deal with rugs and carpets of any type. We guarantee the perfect outcome for your cherished rugs.

How Our Rug Resizing Service Works?

Our rug resizing service involves a series of steps to modify a rug’s dimensions according to your needs. To begin, our professional team takes precise measurements of the rug, considering its construction, material, and design. With our expertise, we carefully cut and reshape the rug, adhering to the provided measurements and maintaining the actual pattern and design. Once the resizing is complete, we meticulously finish creating neat and secure edges. This includes binding or serging to enhance durability and prevent fraying. Finally, the resized rug undergoes a thorough cleaning process to eliminate debris or residues from the resizing procedure. The result is a skillfully resized rug that fits your desired dimensions while preserving its original quality and appearance. Our rug resizing service offers the flexibility to adapt rugs to different spaces or adjust specific design preferences.